6 Reasons for Pro Industrial Content Marketing

Hiring professional content marketers more than pays for itself.
The Need for Pro Content Marketing

If you’re going to market, you need content. The industrial marketing space is no exception to this now-established rule of marketing, although industrial marketing content seems to be subject to a certain tendency: more often than not, non-marketers create marketing content.

At first glance, this inclination is totally understandable. Information in the industrial world is often technical, which means that experts are needed to understand and deliver it. Because of this, industrial companies often appoint engineers or product managers to draft their content.

Industrial content can also involve sensitive business relationships, which means that details must be kept to a “need-to-know” basis. Senior executives have this access and understand the risks of giving away too much information, making them logical choices to author content that involves these sorts of sensitivities.

But more often than not, what motivates industrial clients to author their own content is simply that they feel they can do it themselves. They may not have time to learn graphic design or master SEO, but they know how to present their products and services. It is, after all, what they do every day.

This is, however, a potentially hasty decision that misses out on some very tangible advantages to hiring a professional to craft customer-facing company content. These range from simple functional benefits to improvements that could affect the overall health of a business.

1. Accountability

To be effective, industrial content marketing needs to follow a schedule. Regardless of whether you are publishing white papers, blog articles, or social media posts, content needs to roll out on a regular basis to keep audiences engaged. Many self-authoring industrialists begin with aspirations of maintaining an editorial calendar, but content production often falls by the wayside as other job responsibilities and seasonal business demands take priority.

If you hire a professional to create and release your content regularly, their job is to do just that. A professional will be accountable and see that all the components of your industrial content marketing plan are implemented.

2. Best Practices

Professional content marketers create content according to best practices — from determining what sort of content will be most appealing to a company’s audience to small changes that can make content marketing efforts more effective. For example, a professional blogger will make sure that any posts they write include keywords in their H1 and H2 tags to benefit SEO rankings, as well as end with Calls to Action. Having someone dedicated to minding the details like this will give you the extra edge that distinguishes your company communications from those of competitors.

3. Persuasiveness

Industrial business people may know their products, services, and customers best, but they are likely not professional content creators. Seasoned content providers understand how to make communications more appealing. It’s their job to catch people’s attention, explain benefits simply, and make messages memorable. Hiring a true pro will help your company rise above the chatter.

4. Fresh Perspectives

Let’s face it: Business people know their businesses, but they’ve often developed a routine way of talking about them. These standard renditions can be fresh and effective the first time they’re delivered, but will eventually end up sounding repetitive. Too, while these well-honed pitches may be the right approach for one type of customer, they may not work quite so well for other audiences.

A professional content creator will vary a company’s message so that it doesn’t become stale and so that it’s primed to reach all of a company’s customer types. He or she can provide fresh ways of looking at your business, helping you develop ways of attracting new customers and reengaging existing ones.

5. Integration

One thing good content marketers do is integrate their work with other company marketing efforts. In fact, it’s almost impossible not to since content is integral to so many other marketing strategies. For example, a blogger needs to make sure their work dovetails with SEO efforts. Or, a content provider in charge of social media should post about trade show appearances and other customer-facing company events. Having a dedicated content provider who ensures that all your marketing channels work in concert with one another will increase the overall effectiveness of your marketing mix.

6. Opportunities

While professional content marketers are not dedicated market researchers, they should be familiar with industries relevant to the companies they work for and keep up on news in those sectors. This monitoring helps them create content that is of interest to their clients’ audiences. It also positions them to bring potential marketing, sales, and product development opportunities to light. Having a dedicated person who is familiar with your company and who keeps tabs on industry news will inevitably serve as a source of ideas for business development.

One of the reasons content is crucial to any marketing program is that it affects so many different areas — often in subtle ways. And, like most delicate work, it’s best done by skilled workers equipped with the right tools. If you’re hankering to discuss the nuances of industrial content marketing or just want to get a handle on your own content marketing program, post a comment or drop us a line at Industrial Strength Marketing.


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