Building Your Brand With B2B Video Marketing: The Complete Strategy

Don't start making videos just because. Here's how to take a strategic approach that will drive results.

B2B video marketing has so much potential because video marketing is so ubiquitous at this point. According to Hubspot, video marketing accounts for over 86% of internet marketing. This shows astronomical growth from the 63% it absorbed in 2016!

In addition, WyzOwl’s State of Marketing Study for 2021 reported the pandemic has significantly impacted the video marketing playing field and massively increased the number of videos being consumed. Combine this data with their findings that 92% of online video consumers share what they watch with their coworkers, contacts, friends, and family. I think we can safely conclude that video marketing is here to stay.

Forbes reports findings from Unbounce that show including a video on your landing page can increase the number of sales conversions by 80%. That’s almost double! When wielded properly, videos can be a valuable strategy in your B2B marketing toolbox. 

It would be important to note that simply making and uploading videos will not be enough. Nor will it get you the results you need to see for an enticing ROI. Don’t get stuck in the loop of pushing out content in inconsistent flurries just to “do something.”

Measurable, strategic planning is paramount when deploying a solid and effective video marketing campaign. If you want your B2B video content to have the highest level of impact, deploy with intention!

Key Elements of Any B2B Video Marketing Strategy

Marketing in a B2B context is vastly different from B2C, in both strategy and content. Here are a few key checkpoints to review before you start implementing videos in your industrial digital marketing.

Create Videos For Every Step of the Customer Journey

It’s important to speak to the customer at each stage they encounter when moving through your content sales funnel. Create effective, helpful videos that are capable of leading them through each step of that journey without or with very little follow up needed.

  • Create educational or “Did you know?” content to appeal to and instruct those still in the unaware phase. They may be your ideal B2B client but they don’t know what they don’t know. Videos give you the opportunity to conclusively show them.
  • For customers in the information and research phase, produce case studies and product demonstration or explanation videos. Let them see how your product or service can solve their problem. Bonus points if you can get client video testimonials!
  • Speak to your customers in the post purchase or “believer phase” by providing them with technical “how to” content. You want them to know how to get value out of the product or service they paid for so they stick around for more.

Develop Audience Personas

Do you know what businesses you’re targeting? Not just a general industry. Who, specifically, are you speaking to? Your B2B video marketing strategy is highly reliant on how well you’ve developed an accurate buyer persona.

  • What obstacles are they facing that you can solve?
  • What can your solution truly give them (time, money, results, etc.)?
  • What are their desires?
  • How do they want their business to operate?
  • What are their habits?

Having this ideal customer persona established allows you to craft your message to speak directly to your target client. Answer the questions above, show them a mirror in your messaging. This creates trust and builds brand loyalty.

Your marketing efforts are out looking for qualified buyers, not just leads. Knowing who your ideal client avatar is, inside and out, will assist in developing B2B video marketing content that is tailored perfectly to the customer you’re looking for. The people who will see it will buy, and buy again.

While you are speaking to a B2B audience, always remember there is still a human on the other side of the screen. The buying decision rests on their level of buy-in. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with them through body language and conversational tone if you are producing a live-action video.

Recycle Existing Content

Your business may already have that first video series topic, just waiting, right in your own archives! Scour the company blog, email campaigns and social media to spark an idea you can expound on in video form.

Seeing old information in a new format is almost as effective as seeing new information for the first time. Recycling existing content can also solidify the consistency of your brand’s message and help establish credibility in your industry.

When mining your archives for content gems, take into account the content that has sparked the highest conversion or engagement rates. These are the things your clients want to discuss or learn more about.

Your B2B marketing videos should enhance and improve the existing content, providing a new level of value to your ideal client. Don’t use written content merely as a script but as a guideline for the mission of your video.

Leverage Native Social Media Videos

Creating your own, original or native social media video content is highly recommended. This will aid in positioning your brand as a thought leader in your industry and continue to establish your credibility.

LinkedIn is the top of the food chain when it comes to professional social media platforms and content. Hubspot found that LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times or 277% higher than both Twitter (0.69%) and Facebook (0.77%).

This may be attributed to the business-minded or professional mindset visitors have when they scroll through LinkedIn. In turn, this helps your business’ content perform inherently better.

Use Videos To Promote Your Whole Business

Your marketing videos can serve an infinitely more significant purpose than simply sitting on your website or social feed.

Here are several other ways you can feature your B2B video marketing content:

  • YouTube marketing
  • Include it in your email campaigns
  • Embed it on your landing pages
  • Leverage printed resources by creating a QR code to route mobile users to your video content
  • Use your B2B marketing videos to promote blog posts or industry resources

Parting Thoughts About B2B Video Marketing

If you haven’t already, now is the time to join the other 86% of marketing strategists who are creating impactful video content. Develop a solid strategy. Deploy with intention. Drive results!


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