What to Expect for Industrial Marketing in 2021

Which pandemic-induced shifts in industrial marketing will have staying power in 2021?

We can assume you starting 2021 with a slightly different industrial marketing plan from a year ago. Really, what hasn’t changed in the industrial marketing ecosystem? 

The pandemic has thrown us many curveballs and put up many roadblocks. In our latest podcast episode, we discuss which trends that emerged from the many disruptions in 2020 will have staying power into 2021. Here’s a hint:  We are not reverting to pre-pandemic approaches to industrial marketing.

Here’s a great example: trade shows. No, trade shows are not dead. They will be back. But trade shows will be different. Manufacturers realize prospects will have done much more research before showing up at a trade show, so building up product content is essential. And the power of video is such that trade shows themselves will be incorporating more virtual and video elements.

Listen to the Episode

Here’s the episode of the Industrial Marketer podcast, where we cover the industrial marketing trends that will have staying power in 2021.

Some of Our Favorite Sources for Industrial Marketing Trends

Here are must-reads from Joey and Nels — the co-hosts of the Industrial Marketing podcast. Bookmark these sites to stay on top of industrial marketing trends and the manufacturing world. 

Joey’s suggestions for digital marketing tips:

Nels’ suggestions for learning about the industrial sectors:

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