Introducing the Industrial Marketer Podcast

We wanted to bring industrial marketing insights to the podcast universe. Now we have.

We’ve launched the Industrial Marketer podcast to help marketers who work for — and with — those who design, make and move the world improve their marketing. Industrial marketing is about navigating the unique ecosystem of engineering and technology advances, long buying cycles, and legacy trade and sales networks that define the industrial landscape.

Tips, Tools, Topics, and Trends We’ll Cover

The Industrial Marketer podcast is a twice-monthly show hosted by Joey Strawn and Nels Jensen of INDUSTRIAL. On the show, they will share trends, tips and tools important to industrial marketing stakeholders.

Each episode, Joey and Nels will dive into a wide range of relevant topics and provide insights that you can share with your peers and executives or consider for your own marketing program. Topics they will be covering include:

  • Why social media is unlikely to provide opportunities for closing deals, although it can be useful for building your email database and/or strengthening relationships with your existing customers. 
  • How to ensure your monthly inbound marketing analytics provide insights into where your leads come from, whether they are good leads, and why your tactics may be working or not working.
  • Why video is increasingly important from a tactical perspective and what you need to consider when launching a video initiative to better showcase your solutions and value proposition. 

Who the Industrial Marketer Podcast Is for

Think of the Industrial Marketer podcast as a program that can help you develop an effective industrial marketing strategy and choose approaches, channels, and tactics that ladder up to your strategy. You will want to listen to this podcast if you are:

  • A sales and marketing manager focused on engaging qualified leads but also in charge of managing the marketing function at your organization. Chances are, you could use some help sorting out the latest digital marketing trends and deciding what should be in your mix.  
  • A marketing associate who has been delegated a wide range of tactical activities. Maybe you move between drafting and sending emails, setting up PPC campaigns, publishing social media content, overseeing video production — i.e., you are flying over the top of a variety of activities. For you, we’ll offer tips and best practices you can use to improve your marketing performance.
  • A marketing agency professional who knows marketing but isn’t so familiar with industrial marketing. No matter what your area of expertise (e.g., branding, content, creative, paid media), you’re probably looking for help in understanding the needs of your clients in the industrial sector. We will help you frame up how to apply marketing approaches and technologies to industrial verticals such as construction, logistics, and manufacturing. 

Listen to Our First Episode

Here’s the first episode of the Industrial Marketer podcast, where we lay it all out.

Be Sure to Subscribe!

The Industrial Marketer podcast will come to you twice a month. To subscribe, visit our Buzzsprout show page and select your podcast platform of choice.

And if you have any ideas for topics you’d like us to cover on the podcast — or here on the Industrial Marketer website — send us a message on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!


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