5 Ways Marketing Videos Can Help Industrial Businesses Reach Their Target Audiences

Not quite ready to invest in video? Here are some compelling reasons why it's time.
Marketing Videos

Marketing videos is quickly replacing many of the traditional ways that industrials promote their business. In fact, 87% of B2B marketers say video has increased their website traffic. As more and more people are spending more time online, the marketing world is reinventing itself in the digital playing field. The pandemic sped up this reinvention, this search for new ways to catch the attention of your audience. Video is one way you can adjust your marketing strategy to help your business stand out in the digital noise. 

Your customers expect you to help them drive revenue and profits, so you need to find new ways to meet their expectations and answer their needs. But first, you must find a way for your brand value to reach your target audience. Marketing videos, when combined with social media platforms, can help you share your brand story, with posts or reels that can take you closer to your target audience. 

Marketing with video is one of the most interactive ways to stay in contact with your industrial community and audience. It is an effective tool to convey your message in an artistic form, something that can build community loyalty. Here are five ways you can use video to share your brand story and build your industry community: 

  1. Sharing mission, vision and values
  2. Providing tutorials
  3. Product demonstrations
  4. Testimonials
  5. Unlocking data about target audience

1. Sharing Mission, Vision and Values 

As an industrial employer, you may be looking to recruit people and expand your team and grow your business. But how do you convince job candidates that you are the employer they are looking for? 

Many companies decide to make only one marketing video about their company at first. This approach can help you reach job candidates faster and easier, while sharing your brand story that may resonate with potential customers. An “About Us” video is an effective way for people to learn about your mission, vision and values. It can work as a short-yet-effective presentation to share your company’s goals and what you plan to achieve. 

Experts from Resumes Planet and Careers Booster say that they have noticed an increase in the engagement of applicants after they have watched an About Us video about a company. It helps candidates and other audiences get to know your company and your brand better, so they can more easily make a decision about collaborating with you or even using your products and services. A video about your industrial company, your mission, vision and goals can attract both employees and collaborators — both of which are great benefits of video marketing. 

2. Providing Video Tutorials 

Taking it a step further with marketing videos, you might be thinking about your customers and collaborators. Depending on the products and services you offer, you can create videos that share tutorials on how to use them. Video tutorials can also prevent misunderstandings and negative reviews about your company that could arise from a lack of knowledge. Some of your products or services may be very complex, such as a challenging user interface or they may simply be difficult to use without a basic knowledge of how they work.

Therefore, it is important to meet the needs of your customers and offer them all the information and details they need to use your products and services. Otherwise, they might choose other similar products and services provided by your competitors. Creating tutorials as part of your video marketing is extremely helpful to your audience and they can better introduce your products and services. 

Video tutorials can help your audience overcome obstacles to learning more about your products and services. Creating and sharing tutorial videos can build confidence in your company. Today’s online customers are looking for user-friendly products and they are looking for facile and pleasant interactions with the products they use.

3. Product Demonstration Videos 

Product demonstration videos (demos) are different from tutorials, as they actively share the value of your products and services. Your website may already share information about your industrial company: what you do and how you create products and services. Product video demonstrations can cut the amount of text you need on your website in order to deliver this content in an interactive way. 

Product demonstration videos make your website more user-friendly and can increase site traffic. But they also meet the needs and curiosities of visitors who are trying to decide if they should choose your products or services over others offered by your competition. Marketing videos with product demonstrations make your website look more user-friendly and more modern, without relying on large chunks of text that no one will read. 

4. Video Testimonials 

Video testimonials are also an essential part of video marketing. Video and other forms of digital marketing are creating opportunity for many industrials to position their company in a crowded marketplace. As an industrial company, you need to convince your target audience that you are the right choice over your competitors. 

Whether your marketing message is about employment, collaboration, or just using your products and services, you need a compelling reason for your audiences to engage with you. You can easily do this by creating marketing videos with testimonials, where previous customers, employees or collaborators share their opinion about your company. This type of testimonial leads to increased brand awareness as you present positive experiences and stories from people that know your company. And this can make others trust you more and choose you over your competition. 

5. Unlocking Data Through Video 

Last but not least, marketing with video comes with the huge benefit of unlocking essential data. Thanks to new marketing techniques and technology, you can now better target your specific audience using keywords in your advertising and other digital marketing. But you can also find out more about your audience through video interaction, which provides valuable data. 

How much time do your audiences spend on your website watching your marketing videos? If you can see their interests, you can adapt your videos to those interests in the future. You may find many insights into your target audience’s behavior, and with this data you can learn how to better promote your industrial company in the future and improve your products and services. 

Are You Reading to Start Making Marketing Videos?

Industrial B2B marketing has changed considerably in the past few years, requiring you to invent new strategies to better promote and sell your business. B2B video marketing is an effective way to gain insight into your customers’ behaviors and find out more about their interests and needs. It also helps you promote your business, share your mission, vision and goals, and increase your brand awareness. Marketing videos help your website look more user-friendly and convince your customers to choose your products and services over other similar ones offered by your competition.


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