7 Tips for Construction Company SEO

Your website should be consciously engineered to rank with search engines. Use these tips to move up in SERPs.

Construction company SEO is an essential part of the digital marketing mix for any construction company that seeks to raise awareness for its business and convert leads. SEO works by boosting your website’s ranking with search engines for phrases and words related to your business. This article offers seven significant tips relating to SEO for construction companies all over the United States of America. Note that these employing these tips will guarantee your organization increased customer awareness, which may result in more sales.

1. Learn More About Your Target Audience

It’s imperative to learn who your target audience is for a better reach. Focusing on a core audience helps you build a working construction company SEO strategy. The average visitor on your site should have a high percentage chance of securing a conversion. With a good understanding of your target audience, you’ll have a higher sales potential.

A helpful technique to follow for understanding your target audience is using your Google Analytics account. The Audience report in Google Analytics will help you narrow down who visits your website. From those details, you can determine more details about locations and demographics. Apart from Google Analytics, insights from your social media accounts about your followership can also help.

2. Prioritize Keyword Research

After you’ve developed a good idea of your target audience and their behavior, conduct some keyword research. The objective of keyword research is to discover the words or phrases that prospective customers use when making web searches for companies like yours or products and services that you offer. In-depth research will help you know where you rank as a construction company for keywords. Ensure that your keyword research also covers what your competitor’s rank for to get more visitors.

Keyword research is imperative when building your website. Having an established set of keywords to focus on will help you identify disorderly web pages and strengthen user experience.

3. Pay Attention to Content

Creating content is essential for construction company SEO. High-value content helps you appear more knowledgeable. Without good content that attracts users to your site and keeps them on it, search engines like Google wouldn’t have enough details to rank your page.

Once you start to develop custom content on specific topics relating to construction, your target audience — and the search engine algorithm — will act in your favor. In other words, search engines like Google will see your content on construction as authoritative and rank it favorably.

Many B2B target audiences prefer companies that provides value, which custom content often delivers. If done right, your construction company can create a community of individuals that trust your services. Here are three other benefits of creating custom content:

  1. Helps you know your customers better
  2. Improves your credibility
  3. May significantly increase traffic

4. Keep Your Site’s Navigation Streamlined

Streamlining your site’s navigation will give your prospective customers a good first impression. To do so, make sure you reduce the number of menu items on your site’s main navigation. It’s advisable to limit them to a maximum of seven items to prevent your site visitors from ignoring important ones.

Most importantly, ensure that you remove the additional features that don’t prompt conversions. Unnecessary features on your website cause distractions for your prospective customers. When building a site for your construction company, it’s vital to ensure that the users take specific actions. If you don’t streamline your site’s navigation, you may end up with visitors who aimlessly lurk around or simply leave.

When streamlining your site’s navigation, it may be helpful to include a search feature. As basic as a search feature may appear, it helps visitors navigate your website easily. The tool will also record on-site searches, giving you another source of valuable information about your customers’ behavior.

5. Optimize Your Construction Site for Local Search

Optimizing your site for local search will help you reach a significant number of customers. Start by ensuring that your keywords are relevant to local customers. Use local search tools that allow filtering of keywords according to your location. Note that these tools will help you create a list of relevant keywords to implement for that region.

An efficient technique to follow when optimizing for local search is creating custom content based on news or blog trends around the region. If your target audience for local search is in California, for example, you should create unique custom content about happenings in the state.

Developing such news-related content helps your construction company get the attention of prospective customers in your area. Note that the content must also be relevant to construction. Lastly, always encourage customers to leave positive feedback after engaging your company as it will encourage more local visitors to check you out.

6. Design Your Site for Mobile

Mobile optimization is just as important as the other tips on this list for construction company SEO. Since most website visitors use their mobile phones, a mobile-friendly website is imperative. Some of the most helpful factors to consider for optimizing your site for mobile include:

  • Adequate side speed
  • No interstitials
  • Little to no redirects
  • Creating an awesome user experience
  • Ensuring your website is responsive

As a construction company, you should take your site’s speed on mobile devices very seriously. According to various studies, most individuals leave slow websites, and they don’t revisit them. For this reason, speed is an essential ranking factor for search engines. Overall, your aim should be to give visitors the best experience on their mobile phones.

7. Link Building is Highly Important

Link building is an essential factor that you shouldn’t ignore because it plays a role in how search engines rank websites. For higher rankings, you need to increase the number of authority sites with qualified traffic that link to your page.

A problem most construction website owners may face is knowing the anchor text of the incoming links and the authority of the linking pages. For this reason, a link-building agency is advisable to check all the necessary boxes and clear uncertainties.

The Bottom Line When It Comes to Construction Company SEO

Paying attention to construction company SEO will give your business a significant leg up. It builds brand awareness and helps you claim a competitive advantage in the construction space. If you want great marketing results for your organization, take all the seven SEO tips for construction company SEO to heart.


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