About Industrial Marketer

Welcome to Industrial Marketer, the online publication where business leaders in the industrial sector learn about the ways marketing can improve their businesses, and where marketers engage with the challenges that are specific to industrial B2B.

As of 2012, the industrial sector was 30.5 percent of the gross domestic product of the world’s developed nations. Industrial Marketer is designed to uncover and address the specific marketing needs of this major economic segment. While many traditional B2B marketing questions and strategies apply to the industrial sector, the unique business practices and history of marketing (or the lack thereof) in this significant economic area require critical examination. Only by looking at these specifics will industrial marketing truly optimize industrial business. It is the mission of Industrial Marketer to start conversations in these areas and to provide and sustain a forum where issues in industrial marketing can be discussed, debated, and developed.

Industrial Marketer began in 2003 as an outgrowth of the educational series “Industrial Marketing at Dawn” organized by Industrial Strength Marketing (ISM) Founder and CEO James Soto. Today, Industrial Marketer remains affiliated with ISM but functions as its own, independent online publication.

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